Friday, October 07, 2005

My Daughter the Bookie Strikes Back 

Last year I unveiled a feature so popular that it literally made the Internet crash.

OK, nobody really paid any attention to it, but then again, it had nothing to do with the Metrozoids, Jennie Finch, or Mark Grace cursing, so why should they?

Being firmly in Billy Beane's camp regarding the general crapshoot nature of the playoffs, in lieu of making my own playoff predictions, I had my 3-year-old daughter predict the playoffs. Seeing as she picked Boston the entire way, maybe she has a special gift.

So at some point Wednesday night (prior to the end of the Sox-Sox Game 2), I asked my daughter who she thought would win each of the first-round series.

I'm sorry these are late, but if you're actually gambling on baseball playoffs and using the ramblings of a 4-year-old girl as a crucial decision-maker, you have far bigger problems than my tardiness:

St. Louis - San Diego: St. Louis (and considering she's actually been to San Diego, I considered that as mortal a lock as existed)
Atlanta - Houston: Houston
Chicago - Boston: Chicago (though she first said Boston, then changed her mind. Clearly the closest series to her way of thinking.)
Los Angeles - New York: New York

So there ya go.

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