Saturday, October 23, 2004

My Daughter The Bookie Returns 

So, I forgot to mention it, but my daughter picked Boston and Houston to get to the World Series.  (I would've mentioned it before, but by the time I remembered before, say, Game 3 of each series, I simply decided to wait.)

I asked her who she thought would win, Boston or St. Louis, and she said:

"I don't know... I think maybe Boston."

So there you have it.  Her money (or lollipops or whatever) is on the Sox.

As for me, the Championship Series proved moderately satisfying as scored by my Playoff Satisfaction (PS) score (see a couple weeks ago for the derivation).  American League = 32 points (or plus 8 when compared to a Yankees fan); National League = 16 points (or plus 4 when compared to an Astros fan).  The 48 points (+12) far outstrips my Divisional Series performance, in which I scored just 21 (+0).

Moving on to the World Series, I'll be cheering for the Red Sox, but only slightly, as the Cardinals are a fine National League representative.  On the 5-point PS scale, I want the Red Sox to win as a "2".  World Series preferences are quadrupled, so each game is worth 8 points.

I love how I'm making this up as I go along.

Two other bits of news from the Arizona Republic that I'm too lazy to link to...

There are three finalists for the D-Backs managerial position: ex-Seattle manager (and D-Backs bench coach) Bob Melvin, Lancaster manager Wally Backman, and Expos 3B coach Manny Acta.  Follow-up interviews will be this week, with a view to announcing the new manager as soon as the pre-World Series announcement ban ends.

Secondly, an article in the Business section talked about luxury home real estate agents and mentioned in passing that one of the subjects sold Steve Finley's Valley home recently after his trade.  Doesn't rule out his return to the D-Backs, of course, as his primary residence has been in California for many years, but that certainly doesn't seem to indicate a super-strong descire to return here, does it?

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