Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Predictions and Satisfactions -- Divisional Results 

Last week, I discussed my predilections for the playoff series, along with my daughter's predictions. Here, then, are the results...

Playoff Satisfaction: Generally low. 2 points for the Houston-Atlanta series, 2 points for the St. Louis-Los Angeles series, 9 points for the Boston-Anaheim series, and 4 points for the Minnesota-New York series, for a total PS score of 21. Compared to the number of points my arch-doppleganger would've received -- 21 -- looks like I had neither a good nor bad divisional series.

My Daughter The Bookie: My daughter correctly picked 3 out of the 4 series, missing only the series that most people agreed on -- St. Louis - Los Angeles series, for which she picked the Dodgers.

So, now that the divisional series are over, what about the Championship series? Well, I won't get a chance to ask her until tonight, so you people looking to put down solid money a team will only be able to get in on the NL series. As for me, here are my predilections for this round. (Preference scores are doubled for this round)

St. Louis - Houston: As I said last week, I'd pick the Cardinals over the winner of the other series, but it's not a particularly strong score -- let's give them a 4 (i.e., 2 doubled)
Boston - New York: My dilemma here is that I either give the Red Sox a 4, making them the equivalent of the Twins in my heart, which they're not, or give them a 3, making the Angels the equivalent of the Yankees in my heart, which they're not. Ah, the dilemmas of a chunky scoring system. Let's go with the Red Sox as an 8 (i.e., 4 doubled), but they are not, repeat, not the Twins. (Hopefully in more ways than one.)

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