Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Why I Haven't Posted In A Week Or So... 

Appreciate the shout-out, Jim. I haven't posted because I haven't felt like I could give a perspective that fans couldn't already get from your shop. (Really, if you're a Diamondbacks fan, and you're reading me and not Jim... I shudder to think...)

However, if we're being snarky, I'd point out that if you search on "Diamondbacks suck" on Google, only one Diamondbacks blog appears on the 1st page. And it ain't me... ;-)

At any rate, I haven't posted much because even more than last year, the issues seem mostly resolved at this point. News that Jeff DaVanon was/is going to be the 4th outfielder put Terrero on the outs, thereby putting the Diamondbacks into a corner whereupon they might be able to trade he and Koyie Hill for, oh, me if they're lucky. (Did you know I'm in the Royals system?) Now the decision basically comes down to which middle infielder they want to ride the pine -- Andy Green or Alberto Callapso. (I'm assuming Stephen Drew stays in Tucson to start the season.)

I think I prefer keeping Terrero on the 25-man squad to either of those two for awhile, allowing him to get some exposure in front of other major league teams, thereby increasing his trade value. But the spinner arrow seems to have landed on Terrero, and management has decided it's time for him to move on.

But in the end, we're talking about the 25th-man (or 13th-man) here... this doesn't seem like a terribly weighty decision.