Friday, April 01, 2005

Random Notes: Clearing the Decks 

Just because I'm doing silly previews doesn't mean I don't appreciate good reviews. It just means I don't feel like I can put something together like Jim has, position by position. Or Ryan, with his preview. Let alone something like Rob's work.

Maybe I'd just rather talk about my iPod. Or other peoples' iPods.

Or maybe I'm just too dreamy. In response to a dream I had in which Tony Randall was revealed to be the Baseball Crank, Rob noted the oddness, given Randall's relative left-of-center proclivities and Crank's definite right-of-center ones. Miss Fantastick, via e-mail, suggested that "Having a dead person, be it an actor or your great aunt, can usually mean one is dead with some part of themselves, being as it's an actor I'd say that you've had wanted to be famous or known for at least something, and it didn't quite work out." Perhaps (I just want an audience with this blog). But my almost total unfamiliarity with the Crank's site threw her too.

I don't have time to write silly April Fool's stories, either, though this story from the New York Times was a nice look back at one of the major players in the Sidd Finch saga. (Thanks to El Lefty Malo for the tip.)

The fact, however, that Roses and Rattlers is back after a 350-day absence is no April Fools' joke -- welcome back, Chris, to the D-Backian fold.

Finally, I'm choosing to ignore the Russ Ortiz meltdown last night (getting booed at a Spring Training game is not a good sign -- who says D-Back fans are apathetic) and instead take a look at the #5 starter, a decision as yet unmade. After Michael Gosling's solid performance against the Cubs yesterday afternoon (clearly he should've been pitching at the BOB, as I thought he would be all week), the final lines are this

Pitcher ERA IP H BB K
B Halsey 4.50 22.0 27 8 10 (1.59 WHIP)
M Gosling 3.44 18.1 21 8 10 (1.58 WHIP)

Again, you decide. In either case, I'm comfortable with the choice.

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