Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dream Analysis Needed 

I dreamt last night that Tony Randall had been revealed to be the author of the Baseball Crank blog.

Considering that I've visited the Crank's site maybe once and Tony Randall shuffled off his lanky mortal coil nearly a year ago, the juxtaposition mystifies me.

Any help (or sarcasm) you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I dunno. Tony Randall as Felix wouldn't have been anything besides a lover of Hillary Clinton, and a very fussy one at that, with minutely detailed (and wrong) arguments for why she would win the next presidential election.

The Crank, by contrast, is likely to swing onboard whatever showboat is leaving the neocon docks off the White House shores, without bothering to check for seaworthiness first. Check out his nothing to see here, move on treatment of the Guckert/Gannon credentialing scandal, or his tortured tut-tutting of torture that sounds too much like excusifying:

I'm less concerned about demonizing the overall practice [of "rendition" of prisoners to countries that practice torture] than about its specific use in routing people to foreign governments for the purpose of having them tortured.

Well, it's nice to know the non-Nazi coalition has you on board, Crank! What the hell else did you think they were using it for? Some kind of Prisons Of The World tourism promotion?

This cuts to the core of Crank's at times blinkered partisanship that should creep out anyone posessing a soul or a moral compass. He thinks he has coherent arguments for these positions, yet time after time, he gives himself a chickenshit out. Back to the issue of torture and the limits of prisoner treatment:

That said, do I know myself where the right line is? No. And I think it would be productive to give a fresh look at this issue that focuses prospectively on what we want the rules of the road to be, rather than wasting time debating existing structures like the Geneva Conventions or wallowing in efforts to play "gotcha" over who has done what up to now.

"Gotcha"? He really thinks that war crimes are some kind of child's game, some kind of ploy for votes and political chits? What a sick bastard! His politics just aren't ready for prime time -- unless you're (a) amoral, or (b) a neoconservative. But I repeat myself...
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