Monday, June 13, 2005

Royally Peeved 

As I said last week, "For once I'd like to see the Diamondbacks blow a team out of the water. If not the Royals, who?"

The answer, evidently, is "nobody."

Friday, 12-11 Diamondbacks win in 10 innings; Saturday, 8-5 loss; Sunday -- the worst of all -- a 9-4 12-inning loss to the Royals. A sixth straight series losss.

I watched the first six innings or so of yesterday's game. A really good pitcher's duel in which Brandon Webb appeared to be slightly better (or luckier) than Carrasco. I left for some Sunday afternoon errands a little after 3 PM with the Diamondbacks up 1-0. When we got to my in-laws for dinner at about 4:40, my mother-in-law made some offhanded comment about how my father-in-law had just turned off the game and did I want to watch it? I said no, not thinking that it might be the baseball game. How could it -- Webb and Carrasco were on pace to finish well before 4 PM. So I had a sinking (get it? Webb pitching -- "sinking," ahh... never mind) feeling that things had not turned out well.

And they had not.

Amidst all this talk about the Diamondbacks finding more relief help comes the simple problem that unless they trade for three relievers simultaneously, it won't be of much help. Their problem is one of depth exacerbated by injuries. It's not one of a missing closer.


In Rotation - June 13, '05
Gillian Welch - Time (The Revelator)
Wilco - A Ghost Is Born
V/A - Jazz For A Rainy Afternoon (ha!)
Rushmore OST (Original Soundtrack)

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