Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Three Weeks: Fun With Interleague Edition 

A day late, perhaps, but it seemed weird to include the Philly series as part of the interleague jaunt, so I decided not to...

The Week That Was

Record: 2-5 (2nd place in NL West, 3.5 GB San Diego)
Runs Scored - Runs Against: 4.6 - 5.6 (high/low dropped)
Transactions: Stephen Drew signed to major-league contract (5/31, and barely!); traded OF Doug DeVore to SF Giants for P Matt Herges (6/3); acquired P Claudio Vargas off waivers from Washington (6/3); DFAed P Kerry Ligtenberg, sent Matt Kata back to Tucson, sent Justin Weschler to AA Tennessee, and put Jerry Gil on 60-day DL (all 6/4).

Not sure what all the moves there were, because as I understand it, the Diamondbacks have 40 men on the 40-man, but that includes 2 guys on the 60-day DL. Not clear, therefore, why Weschler had to go now, unless they're trying to sneak him through...

In any case, the pitching roster moves aren't that surprising given the bullpen's inability to pitch with consistency. Word that Greg Aquino could be back with the squad by the weekend is welcome indeed.

After a dark couple of days offensively in New York, at least the bats came alive (Bats! Came! Alive!) in Philly. Still lost the series 1-3, but it was somewhat heartening.

And after all of that, they still only lost 1 game in the standings to San Diego.

The Weeks That Will Be

6 at home (3 each vs. Minnesota and Kansas City)
6 on the road (3 each at Chicago and Cleveland)

The Twins are average offensively (20th in ML OPS and runs scored), but lights-out pitching the ball (1st in ML ERA, WHIP, and OBA). Their K:BB ratio is an amazing 3.60:1 (compare that to the Diamondbacks' 1.99:1. And unfortunately we face Johan Santana and Brad Radke this series. (Santana is going against Claudio Vargas. Welcome to Phoenix, Claudio!) I'd be happy winning one of these 3 games.

The Royals are, well, the Royals, even if they did just sweep the Yankees. Awful hitting (27th in OBP and runs scored). Awful pitching (next-to-last in ML ERA, 26th in WHIP and ERA).

The Diamondbacks have shown a disturbing (or hope-inspiring) tendency to play down (or up) to the level of competition this year. For once I'd like to see the Diamondbacks blow a team out of the water. If not the Royals, who?

Why is Mike Koplove still allowed to pitch???
Sadly, aside from Brandon Lyon, Lance Cormier, and Matt Herges, he's the only other D-Back pitcher with a positive VORP.

Still, as you can tell by today's entry, my reaction was just like yours after last night.

I'd have to do major research, but my impression is that he's OK starting (and finishing) an inning, but not good at putting out an existing fire.
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