Friday, May 06, 2005

The Waiver Wire: Meta-Fielder Edition 

Last week I shamelessly used the siren call of cost-free yeast-based drinks (i.e., free beer) as a response to a certain D-Back blogger's use of a photo of a certain Russian "tennis" "player" Anna K. My favorite part -- someone posting under Anna's name -- no, I did not click through as I figured it might've skirted the boundaries of "unsafe"…


Speaking of unsafe, how about Quinton McCracken? A .542 OPS, a -2.3 VORP, and, as mentioned earlier today, not a good fielding CF, either. Whenever Jose Cruz Jr. makes his way back to Phoenix (it seems like it might be another week or so), who gets bumped down? Luis Terrero? Well, he's doing marginally better offensively, and would have significantly higher offensive upside. (I also have this vague, nagging feeling that Terrero's out of options, but that can't be right.) A pitcher? Seems like Melvin wants to stick with a 12-man pitching staff, at least until the bullpen settles down a bit and achieves a little more consistency. (And, besides, with Aquino and Villarreal still coming back eventually, may as well keep 12 men on staff until they return.) As much as Melvin seems to like having McCracken around, Cruz's eventual return might spell the end of the run with the Diamondbacks.

And is centerfield a big enough hole heading into 2006 that you're willing to part with Carlos Quentin or Conor Jackson to obtain a good enough player to roam out there?


Many of you may have probably read this already, but for a different view of a ballplayer who's spent a long career on the fringes of the show, this recollection of new Mariner Dave Hansen by a high school classmate of his is a nice read. I can't help but think there's somebody who went to school with McCracken at Duke who could probably write something that would at very least give a glimpse into the person who is most driving D-Back fans nuts right now.


Why not?


Why not indeed? (I particularly enjoy the comments section -- better than the main posts.)


Have a good weekend everyone. Thanks as always for reading and commenting. Go Diamondbacks!

Q went to Duke? Yet another reason to want him out of here! The Yankees of college B-ball!

The "Dante Hall" message board is still funny, even a few years later. Actually, most of what they do at Progressive Boink is pretty funny.

And define "good center fielder?" Because if his name is not "Wells" or "Beltran" I think I can handle Terrero milling around out there with Carlos and Conor in right and first.
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