Friday, April 29, 2005

The Waiver Wire: FREE BEER Edition 

Sure, Jim, you might write nice posts about long-distance home runs, but apparently you have nothing better to do than to resort to cheap methods of attracting new readers. Did you ever stop to think that you might have some readers of both genders of differing persuasions who might not be the least bit interested in your photographic selections?

Well, we here at Random Fandom are not above cheap methods of attracting new readers of our own. Yes, folks, it's time for our weekly look at random trivia -- The Waiver Wire: FREE BEER Edition.

Last week's BP Triple Play on the D-Backs included one very good argument as to why Carlos Quetin will be getting his FREE BEER in Tucson for a little while longer -- by delaying his call-up until at least mid-summer, the D-Backs save his going to arbitration until after the 2008 season.

A shout-out and thanks to the good man (or woman) at the Baseball News Blog, who was kind enough to link to one of my posts earlier this week. Perhaps that good and anonymous man (or woman) drinks FREE BEER while skimming BaseballBlogs.com or Kinja.com or Bloglines.com while finding interesting posts from across the web. Maybe that's all they do...

A different shout-out -- and what is this with shout-outs -- I go 53 weeks without "shouting-out" once, and now twice. In one post. Makes me sick… Uh, where was I?

Anyhoo, another blogger, Devin, has entered the Diamondbacks blog fray with Line Drive in the High Desert. Welcome. Best of luck posting on a regular basis… Perhaps an offer of FREE BEER would improve blogging consistency on the part of some other D-Back blogs, no?

Finally, Ryan, this link is for you. Actually, everybody needs to check this out -- Baseball Tonight has a blog! (It doesn't really fit, but the Roger Angell post is a nice touch.) You will not regret it, I promise you. Parts are almost better than FREE BEER. Thanks to Yancey for the heads-up.

Hopefully our National League West-leading Arizona Diamondbacks (yes, Jim, it does feel good typing that) will have another successful series against the Padres this weekend. It's always tough to beat Jake Peavy (tonight's rematch against Brandon Webb promises to be another classic), but taking another series is within the D-Backs' grasp.

Thanks as always for stopping by. FREE BEER! FREE BEER! FREE BEER!

I wish to register a complaint! I came here, drawn by the expectation of cheap alcoholic beverages, much-needed after last night's marathon game - throwing out that first pitch really takes it out of you - only to find it was actually a baseball blog.

This is false advertising of the highest order, and I shall be making a complaint to the Better Blog Bureau regarding this matter. Just as soon as I brush up my forehand a bit.
Although FREE BEER is a good thing,and your stories are good, Pics of ANNA are slightly better...Sorry ....lol
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