Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Front Office: Links Update 

Time for the monthly links update:

-- First, as I mentioned last week, if you have not checked out the Baseball Tonight blog, please do so. I think the site could use an editor, as it's a bit hard to separate the slightly amusing from the very amusing, but there's plenty good stuff in there. The TMQ entry was spot-on. It's on the sidebar for now...
-- Also, I've added Devin's D-Back blog, Line Drive in the High Desert, to the sidebar. Posting by D-Back bloggers not named Jim, Ryan, or William (or Stefan) has been very spotty thus far this year, but my standards are lower than Jim's, so to the sidebar you go, young man!
-- Cheat has moved his White Sox blog to the SportsBlog nation at South Side Sox. I've enjoyed his writing for awhile now at his old site and besides, I gotta have some other AL Central blog up there to counteract all the Twins love I've got going on.
-- Finally, it's not a new link, but I've removed the "Beta" from my Zooglobble blog, which reviews children's music (and music for the whole family). If it's not ready for prime time now, it'll probably never be ready.

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