Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Career Moves 

Jerry Gil will be sidelined for up to four months to have arthroscopic surgery Friday to repair a torn medial meniscus in his right knee. He twisted his knee last week and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Actually, I have no idea how he got to the hospital, but he certainly didn't walk there.

[Rim shot.]

Seriously, I wish Gil the best of luck in his surgery, but the man made Shea Hillenbrand look like a model of plate discipline (no, I'm not above stealing my own jokes). No walks at all in his nearly 90 plate appearances last year. And although he's 3rd on the D-Back shortstop depth chart now, he could easily be 3rd on the Sidewinder shortstop depth chart by August if Stephen Drew signs and Sergio Santos continues to make progress. I hope he'll take some time during his enforced layoff to consider the rumored switch to pitcher.


And another (ex-)Diamondback makes a career move of a different sort, as Matt Williams becomes the official Jack Of All Trades for the Diamondbacks. Well, technically, his title is "Special Assistant to the General Partner," but in aiding the baseball office, doing TV/radio broadcasts, and hosting a TV show, he's certainly getting around. All this for a team who tried to trade him, bad-mouthed him when he refused the trade, and cut him less than 24 months ago. From the outside looking in, this shows that Moorad's taken over more than any other move he's made since joining the team.

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