Thursday, July 22, 2004

Because One Double-Digit Losing Streak Isn't Enough... 

It is becoming difficult to write about Your Arizona Diamondbacks. The 5-2 loss last night to the Houston Astros was familiar in so many ways that it challenges the writer to come up with something new to describe something old. Let's see:

*** Brandon Webb struggles somewhat, but pitches OK. 5 walks -- shudder. He threw 70 pitches in his first 3 innings, but threw just 51 in his last 4 innings.
*** The offense was pretty anemic -- 7 hits, the only runs on a 2-run homerun by Steve Finley.
*** The relief staff was, well, pretty bad. Could we just get some consistency here? Villafuerte and Randolph pitched awfully.

Change the names I could write all three of those initial sentences in probably a dozen different games this year. Limit it to just 2 of 3 sentences, and you could add, what, another 20 or 30 games.

So I'll take a pass today. No wacky allusions, no nothing.

In other news:
** Edgar Gonzalez was officially called up from Tucson yesterday and will start tonight against the Astros. To make room for him on the roster, Brian Bruney was optioned back to Tucson. The Transaction Guy yawns.
** Matt Mantei feels like he owes something to the D-Backs -- "I feel like I owe the team my services for a year and actually do something for them," he said. "They've treated me like a king since I've been here, and I feel like I owe them. We'll see what they have to say about it." Hear that? That is the sound of a half-dozen D-Back bloggers shouting, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Let's move on, everybody.
** The Arizona Republic's pseudonymous FanBoy argues that the D-Backs need pitching.  Well, duh.
** Mark Gonzales thinks trade talks might accelerate once Jerry Colangelo returns on Tuesday from a vacation in Italy. This is good news for me because I plan on going to Sunday's game and would like to see Randy pitch at least one last time.
** And, finally...

"The Diamondbacks will dedicate their 15th youth baseball field in the community Friday at 8:30 a.m. when Shea Hillenbrand Field is unveiled at the Chandler Boys and Girls Club at 300 Chandler Blvd."
In related news, the Diamondbacks announced they would also establish bus service to the field since nobody will actually walk there.

Thank you, folks, you've been a wonderful audience. I'm here all week, twice nightly. Please tip your waitresses.

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