Friday, March 03, 2006

Now With Extra Bite! 

Even though I didn't post for four months, I still got a small stream of traffic, primarily the result of web searches. Nothing particularly weird or obscene, I suppose.

Yesterday I got one of the weirdest searches -- somebody reached me using the phrase "alex cintron teeth".

Yeah, I don't get it either. Is this some sort of advancement in sabermetric analysis that I missed out in my sabbatical -- percentage of cavities? Molar retention strategies?

In any case, Cintron has joined the Puerto Rican team for the World Baseball Classic. We should be rooting for him to do well, because it is long past time for the Diamondbacks to trade him and a strong performance might in that regard. It's not necessarily because he's a bad player (his usefulness is debatable), but because the Diamondbacks now have approximately 4,392 middle infielders on the 40-man squad, and it's clear that Cintron is much closer to #4,392 than to #1. Trade him already (Counsell's shoulder notwithstanding), give him a fair chance at making another squad, and move on. I have no reason to believe that the Diamondbacks aren't trying their best to do so, but I just want the process to end. It's like a bad visit to the dentist.

In other news, it was reported today that Miguel Batista has rid himself of the "u" in his last name after his trade from the Toronto Blue Jays back to the Diamondbacks. Batista was required to call himself "Bautista" while living in Canada.

(Admit it, you've sort of missed my bad jokes.)

Great to have you back! I enjoy the comments about the new little one! He's one lucky baby!

Jim Schillinger
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