Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Exclusive: Interview with Reclusive Random Fandom Proprietor 

Now that Random Fandom is back (sort of), we here at Random Fandom thought it was a good time for an exclusive interview with the uni-monikered proprietor of Random Fandom, Stefan. We sat down with Stefan recently and chatted with him about his time off, his return, and his future.

Random Fandom: Stefan, thanks for sitting down with us today:
Stefan: Sure, no problem. Happy to be here.
RF: First off, how did you spend your time away?
S: Working on my golf game, har har. [Chuckles in self-satisfied manner.] No, really, I just needed to take some time for myself.
RF: So what did you do?
S: Well, I took some time away from the [makes two cutesy little curvy motions with fingers] blogosphere [stops cutesy motions]. Didn't really read any blogs at all. For awhile I was obsessed with Photoshopping competitions at Woot, but that passed when I realized that I didn't actually own Photoshop. Then I was inspired by my fellow UNC alum, Michael Jordan.
RF: You, uh, tried out in the minor leagues?
S: No, but you've got the right idea. He wanted to apply his competitive instincts to another related field. I wanted to apply my blogging instincts to another field, so I worked on my other blog, Zooglobble. Children's music reviews and news.
RF: You gave up blogging about the Diamondbacks during another incredibly interesting offseason so you could write silly reviews about Barney and the Wiggles and Raffi? Whew. At least Michael Jordan had a few hits in his minor league stint.
S: Hey, the early Raffi work is highly underrated.
RF: Whatever. [Huffy breath] So what made you think about giving Diamondback blogging another shot?
S: Well, you know, it's why Roger Clemens is thinking about coming back again -- he's just a super competitor. He just has to weigh his desire to win and compete with his desire to spend time with his family. Just like I'm trying to do.
RF: Did you just compare yourself with Roger Clemens?
S: Yes.
RF: Are you completely deranged? You're a blogger, and an inconsistent and analytically challenged one to boot, not some freakin' future first-ballot All-Star.
S: I know what you are, but what am I.
RF: Good luck, fool.

you may be "deranged" but welcome back.....Dbacktom
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