Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Streets of Fire 

(Semi-)retirement means you get to take the long view regarding things that the daily posting grind is less forgiving of.

The flurry of Royce Clayton-ish news last week is an example.

First, Moorad says he's gonna make Royce Clayton a contract offer. Horrors! Then we find out it's one year for $1.5 million. Frankly, I could live with that. It's a million that could probably be spent elsewhere (to get a front-line pitcher, for example), but maybe Brandon Webb's resurgence this year really was tied to an irrational confidence in Clayton's abilities. And then we find out that Clayton rejected the offer. Even better. I think.

And there you go, a week's worth of blog entries in about a paragraph.

Or I could've spent all week trying to figure out how to write a satirical entry combining both Doug Eddings and the Vikings cruise on Lake Minnetonka. OK, I actually did spend all week trying to figure that one out, but rather than posting something weak I just let it go.

GM search? Does it really matter? Really? 'Cause it seems like Moorad's running the show.

And last night's homerun? Wow. At this point, I think America will cheer for whichever team wins that series in the World Series. The White Sox, even with their own troubled history, swept through the playoffs so blandly efficiently (and with every close call going their way) that America didn't get to cheer for them. Whichever National League team wins will have had to come through some serious setbacks.

October is a glorious time in Arizona, with the weather temperate and activities galore. I'm grooving right now to the New P***ographers' new album, Twin Cinema. (The drums on "Streets of Fire" near the end of that CD are just awesome.)

Good things abound. And the great thing about sports is that it helps put things into perspective and realize that good things abound.

I hope that Astros fans will be able to see that at some point, though today probably isn't the day to point it out to them.

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