Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Front Office: All About the Links 

Every few months I update my links and then feel compelled to post about it.

Why? I don't know.

In any case...

CardNilly -- It's one thing to ask for a link exchange (which CardNilly's proprietor has not done) -- it's another to link to a site on a regular basis. That really won't get you anywhere with me, but having read his posts, and found them enjoyable and insightful, I figured his (St. Louis) Cardinals blog was a timely addition.
DeadSpin -- Sports roundup and gossip. Plus, they linked to me, too, without even asking.
Jack's Sports Humor -- Yeah, there are a number of SportsOnion-type sites. But none of those are run by a college friend. Who's the funniest guy I know.

West Coast Bias -- I'd been meaning to drop the site for a while now, and when I checked the other day, the site had just vanished. Best of luck to you, Ryan, in Colorado or wherever you are.
TwinsGeek -- A day or so after I "retired" from the blogging world (so to speak), John Bonnes did so with far more permanence, more class, and more humor than I. John's blog was the original inspiration for this blog, so it is with sadness I'm removing him from my links.

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