Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Zen and the Art of the Weak Pop Fly 

So, uh, I haven't posted much lately. You might be wondering, has he been benched like Royce Clayton should be for the rest of the season (if only to let other talent show their stuff)? No, like Russ Ortiz' 2005 season, there's just no stopping me. Unfortunately.

It's a confluence of things, really. Busy times at work. Busy times at home. Lackluster team on the field.

Or maybe it's just all the Buddhist texts I've been reading recently. Attachment is not highly prized by Buddhists. Open-mindedness and mindfulness is. It's probably hard to be a fan of a particular sports team if one is Buddhist. I'm not Buddhist, but the readings have put me into a mindset that let me appreciate these last few games for what they are -- games with little to no significance.

Do I wish the Diamondbacks had won Tuesday night, instead of getting flummoxed by ex-Diamondback Chris Capuano and the Brewers, 3-1? Sure. But I'm breathing out that stress. I tell you, my mantra has been, "2005 is over. 2006 is here."

Stop looking at the standings, I tell myself. Over and over and over. 17 games to go, basically 90% of the season finished.

It makes for a less-than-compelling blog. But also for a better-adjusted blogger.

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