Friday, September 30, 2005

Prove Me Wrong 

Sure, plenty of other teams have exciting victories over teams out of playoff contention on Thursday, but while people care about Chicago's or Boston's or New York's victory, nobody cares about Arizona's.

A sweep of the Dodgers. In LA. Again.

Yeah, well, that and $8.50 will get you in to see Serenity. (No, I'm not one of the long-time fans. But it's intriguing enough in a slow movie year that I might actually go see the movie.)

But now that the Diamondbacks have reached the 75-win level I predicted many months ago, albeit due to a large amount of luck and placement in an anemic NL West, it's time to prove me wrong.

Go for 78 wins, Diamondbacks. Don't play any of your regulars -- they're playing in San Francisco, where I can't imagine anybody will be disappointed that they might miss their chance to see the return of Royce Clayton. But prove me wrong. Sweep the Giants. Finish a strong second in the division -- you could still end up just 2 games out of first, 9 games ahead of the Giants and 10 games ahead of the Dodgers.

And look to 2006.

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