Wednesday, September 21, 2005

In Which I Take Unwarranted Cheap Shots 

Why not?

I mean, San Diego lost 20-1 to the Rockies Tuesday night. Sure, the Diamondbacks have lost 3 games by 10 runs. And 1 by 12. Oh, and 1 by 13. Oh, and yeah, who could forget the 3 games lost by 14 runs. And -- my personal favorite -- 1 loss by 15 runs.

But, hey, at least not 19 runs.

And for all the naysayers regarding Diamondbacks attendance this year, the Diamondbacks managed to draw nearly 24,000 fans to a game between two-sub .500 teams who can barely sniff the playoffs. The White Sox -- located in a much larger metropolitan area and featuring a game between the probably-playoff-bound White Sox and the hottest team in the league -- could draw just 26,000. Glad to see Chicago's got your back, Sox.

OK, now that I have that out of my system...

It's not like it was an overwhelmingly D-Backian crowd at last night's 4-1 victory over the Dodgers. Every time the camera panned to the crowd for, say, a foul ball, the Dodger fans were plentiful and colorful.

Shame they had to go home disappointed, thanks to Javier Vazquez, who definitely wins the award for Most Frustrating Diamondback. Because for every outing like Tuesday night's, where he appears to be worth most of his eight-figure salary, he has another outing in which the league minimum would appear to be a reasonable salary. It makes the Diamondbacks' offseason more difficult (although "more difficult" also means "more interesting," from a blogger's perspective).

Not that the Diamondbacks appear to be looking yet at the offseason, as Alex Cintron was the only non-typical-starter to start last night's game. I gotta tell, while 100 AB isn't the best base for player evaluation, it's a lot better than 20 AB. Free Andy Green!

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