Friday, September 09, 2005

How Much Longer Do We Have Here? 

Not focusing very well on the current moment right now -- I'm spending my time counting down the days to season's end.

That was made easier thanks to the five minutes of Thursday's 12-inning 8-7 Diamondbacks loss to the Pirates that I actually saw. Those five minutes included
a) Wilson's incredibly long at-bat against Worrell, eventually leading to a Troy Glaus error, and
b) Bay's homerun.

That's the kind of five minutes that you're willing to look past in April and May, those carefree months when hope springs eternal and blog postings here are consistent. But in September, with a team whose elimination from the playoffs is all but mathematical, that's the kind of five minutes that causes you to turn off the TV in what passes for disgust in these perspective-filled days and move on to something new.

Which is really too bad, because I should be talking about Dustin Nippert's first big league game, one in which he pitched decently, giving up 3 runs and 5 hits in 5 innings. Even if Nippert had pitched horribly, we should still celebrate his appearance. Playing in the Show, man. It's the kind of work-related ritual most of us don't get to experience. But his decent performance gives us Diamondbacks just a little more hope for the future.

There's still room to get on the bandwagon for 2006-2008. Get on board now for the most comfortable of seats.

(Until then, we get to enjoy a Diamondbacks-Rockies series which begins with a game in which we're starting a former Rockies pitcher and they're starting a former Diamondbacks pitcher. One takes amusement where one can at this point.)

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