Thursday, August 11, 2005

Eyes on the Ball 

You probably think this is a post about Luis Terrero, don't you? Picked off third in Wednesday's 10-5 Diamondbacks loss to the Marlins, the victim of the hidden ball trick played to perfection by Marlins third baseman Mike Lowell.

And you'd be wrong.

Look, clearly Terrero deserves criticism for being fooled by the play, which effectively ended the Diamondbacks' eighth inning, which otherwise would have continued with the D-Backs having runners on 1st and 3rd, trailing by just one run.

But what about Brad Halsey, giving up 8 hits and 6 runs in just 5 innings of work -- is he hitting "the wall"? What about the defense -- 4 errors? What about Tim Worrell, whose nickname -- "The Grandfather" -- inspires fear and trembling in exactly nobody, and certainly not the Marlins, who teed off for 3 hits and 3 walks in in just 2/3rds of an inning? Maybe they, uh, deserve more of the blame for a 10-5 loss, than a man who went 2 for 3 with a walk and got caught by the Roger Clemens of the hidden ball trick -- Mike Lowell was the last man who pulled it off, late last season.

If the Diamondbacks don't make the playoffs this year, I don't think that was the turning point, as was stated by The Republic.

This not paying attention to the matters at hand applies also to the denizens of this fabulous Internet, who have stopped by this fair Diamondbacks blog by the bushelfull, in search of any information they can track down about Mark Grace's profanity and expletive-laced discussion during Tuesday's broadcast. Nothing in the history of this blog can match the intensity of interest in finding out what Mark Grace said. Not "Last of the Metrozoids," not the Diamondback blogger's best friend, the once- and future-Diamondback Casey Daigle (or "Mr. Jennie Finch," as he was known) could match this. It's been my equivalent (on a very small scale, of course) of Ashlee Simpson on "Saturday Night Live," Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl, Paris Hilton at, well, anywhere.

You people.

It's like you've never heard anybody cuss before. Knowing Gracie like we do (in other words, barely at all), I think we can feel confident that there were words that included the letter "f." C'mon, this was a guy who said, hoisting the 2001 World Champsionship Trophy, "Party at Gracie's house! Everyone's invited!" You can't really be surprised that Grace would swear, would you? And it's not like you can't hear swear words other places on your TV dial.

Keep your eyes on the #@$@^! ball, people.

I think anyone who claims last night was the 'turning point of the season' obviously missed any number of other dissapointments along the way, right up to our last home series.
The best part about watching the Diamondbacks from New York is never having to read the Arizona Repulsive and its moronic coverage.

The second best part is that, watching on MLB EI, I don't have to listen to Mark Grace (who I find far more annoying when he ISN'T cursing) very much at all.

LT is getting a bad rap for this play. Not only did he play a good game, but it's the third base coach's job to watch that move anyway.
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