Monday, July 18, 2005

Why I Hope The Diamondbacks Are Not Like Me 

I'm on vacation.

I hope the D-Backs aren't.

This is an odd time to be cutting back on posts, as this has been generally acknowledged to be the most crucial 10-game stretch of the season. "Most crucial" only because it occurs in mid-July, and this team still could end up being an 85- or 65-win team.

Given this weekend's series against the Padres, though, 75 wins seems most likely. A split series against the Padres. In other words, the Padres can't begin celebrating yet, but neither should us D-Back fans start keeping open the first week in October. 10-7, 4-1 Padres, 6-1 Diamondbacks on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The offense, after hitting miserably in the BOB bandbox, goes to pitcher-friendly Petco and hits the snot out of the ball (except against Jake Peavy, and they almost never hit well against Peavy). Well, Luis Gonzalez is still in a big funk. Oddly enough, though, Chad Tracy borrowed Gonzo's bats this weekend and he hit his first multi-homerun game of his career. Glad to see the bats are working for somebody.

I don't expect a lot of major changes this week, but by next week, who knows what we'll have to gossip about.

I'll be around, but don't expect to post much.

Enjoy the monsoon.

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