Thursday, July 14, 2005

Three Weeks: Can't Lose For Winning Edition 

It's, uh, been a while since I've done one of these. Life happens, no? But with the freedom granted by the All-Star Break, I feel like I can move forward with this last 44.4444444% of the season (excluding the playoffs - 'cuz we're gonna make the playoffs, RIGHT?) with new bloggy energy.

Or is that groggy energy?

Or froggy energy? ("Hi ho, dere, Kermit THE Frog here to talk to you about O! B! P!")

Or smoggy energy? (Hello, monsoon, time for you roll on in.)

Maybe it's not bloggy energy, maybe it's DELUSIONAL ENERGY.

The Week That Was
Heading all the way back to last week...
Record: 2-5 (2nd place in NL West, 5 1/2 games behind San Diego)
Runs Scored - Runs Against: 2.0 - 4.0
Transactions: DFA'ed LHP Javier Lopez, bought LHP Armando Almanza from Tucson (7/5); placed LHP Shawn Estes on 15-day DL retro to 7/6, recalled RHP Brandon Medders from Tucson (7/7).

Yeah, so that offense imploded, didn't it? Luis Gonzalez celebrated being named to the All-Star Team on the afternoon of July 3rd by going 3-for-30, with just a walk and HBP to add to those totals. Admittedly the Cardinals' pitching staff is pretty good, but the Diamondbacks shouldn't have looked so bad, especially against the anemic pitching of the Reds. The good news, of course, is that the pitching looked decent, with the whoulda-thunk-it combo of Claudio Vargas and Michael Gosling filling in nicely for Ortiz and Estes.

The Weeks That Will Be
4 on the road at San Diego
6 at home (3 versus Florida, 3 versus Atlanta)

Well, this is it, right? After these ten games the Diamondbacks will either be right at .500 within spitting distance of the Padres (not that I'm advocating that sort of thing, I'm a pretty peaceful fellow), or 8 games behind and 8 games below.

So here it is, do you hope for the Diamondbacks to do poorly this series because you don't want the Diamondbacks to trade away the talent they have for an unlikely run at a playoff spot? Sort of a sad question, frankly.

Look, if Conor Jackson gets traded for a bag of beans while the Diamondbacks are 8 games out, yeah, then I'll be ticked off. But the question isn't, "should Conor Jackson be traded," it's, "should Conor Jackson be traded for X person." I'm sure most people would be happy with an Albert Pujols-for-Conor Jackson trade (well, maybe not Cardinals fans). And even if a trade happens with the Diamondbacks out of likely playoff contention, any trade could potentially be made with an eye toward 2006. Santos for a CF? Depending on how good the CF is, I could live with it.

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