Friday, July 15, 2005


Going to the gym in the heat and -- gasp! -- humidity of a pre-6 AM Phoenix July morning, grasshoppers scrambled to get out of my way as I walked in from the parking lot. You wouldn't even see them in front of you until they just flew away. They're in our house, too, though I think that's because we had part of our roof replaced recently and they probably snuck in that way.

In any case, they're slightly annoying, though harmless.

Unless they come in huge bunches.

Then it's some sort of plague thing and you probably should start reading religious texts of your personal preference.

So what does this have to do with Thursday night's 6-0 Diamondbacks domination of the San Diego Padres?

Well, perhaps this is nitpicking (OK, it is nitpicking), but I'd still like to see more run-clumping. The Diamondbacks were like grasshoppers on the basepaths last night -- every time you turned around, it seems like there were another couple D-Backs out there. 11 hits, 7 walks, 3 HBP. Sure there wasn't a passed ball on a third strike or something in there, too? All of a sudden, 6 runs doesn't sound quite so impressive. Green grounding out weakly to the right side in the, uh, fifth inning. Gonzo grounding out weakly to the right side in the, uh, seventh inning.

I'm really glad we won 6-0. But we could've easily won 10-0.

And until the Diamondbacks start clumping those runs, the team won't be much scarier to the rest of baseball than those grasshoppers in the parking lot.

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