Monday, July 04, 2005

Discretion Is The Better Part Of A Series Win 

If I wasn't in the midst of a relaxing holiday weekend, I would've posted something about the undue panic and alarm in Saturday's Republic after Friday's 7-0 Diamondbacks loss to the Dodgers. I mean, at four games, the losing streak wasn't even the Diamondbacks' longest of the year. Calm down, people, or something like that.

But I was in the middle of a relaxing vacation and I decided to let the moment slide. And sure enough, the Diamondbacks came back and won the next two games by 7-5 and 10-3. Not only did they win the series, they won the Pythagorean series. (We will take our victories in as many ways as we can get them.) By no means is our pitching solid, but the offense certainly turned things around these last two games, and can feel good about itself heading home for this afternoon's game against the Cardinals. It had nothing to do with new batting practice uniforms or veiled threats by Bob Melvin -- I think it was just the essential .500 nature of this team -- to drop 4 games below would be too much.

So Gonzo goes to the All-Star Game and Brandon Webb is destined to finish 4th in the NL balloting for the final slot. I would've preferred to see the positions reversed, perhaps, but the two players have had the two best D-Back seasons thus far and perhaps the theory that stars should be rewarded gave Gonzo the edge for our token slot. Maybe it was Gonzalez's diving catch Saturday night that sealed the deal for him.

Oh, well. I'll vote for Webb online, but fully expect to see Trevor Hoffman in Detroit.

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