Friday, July 01, 2005


OK, I, too, hoped that the Diamondbacks would make short work of a reeling Giants team instead of getting swept by them and making them think they might actually compete in the NL West.

But, no, 4-2 and 9-2 losses put the kibosh on that hope and my other, unspoken hope that we would enter July at or above .500.

The Republic articles make it sound like Melvin is thisclose to doing something drastic. What that would be, though, isn't entirely clear. Bench Cruz? Sure, that might do a little bit, though Terrero won't do much better, if at all. Bench Glaus? Glaus, for all his low batting average, still has decent power. He still adds more to the lineup than Cintron would.

No, the problem is that this team is playing at about its expected level. Unless Melvin can figure out how to get people besides Clark and Counsell and Cormier to play way above their heads, .500 will be where they stay.

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