Tuesday, July 05, 2005

10-3, Good Buddy 

What the pitching taketh, the pitching also giveth away.

A day after winning 10-3, the Diamondbacks lose 10-3, this time to the Cardinals. There's not much to report here -- needing a great game to give his last-minute All-Star Game bid legitimacy, Brandon Webb had a middling, though not horrible, game. (Still, at least Webb's in 3rd place at the moment, and Roy Oswalt's leading, surprising me as I figured the fans would want to reward Trevor Hoffmann for past success.)

Wish I could get my blogging mojo working after the long weekend, but there's not much there. May you live in interesting times, the old blessing/curse goes -- the problem this year is that the Diamondbacks are nowhere near as interesting as they were last year. Better, yes. But less interesting.

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