Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why Must I Blog About Last Night's Game? 

To begin with, I didn't watch it.

I can't just spend the day after Father's Day completely ignoring my typical role of "bedtime enforcer" just to watch a June baseball game.

And then I had to go to the grocery store. Sure I could listen to the game to and from the store, but that only made things worse.

American colonies were founded and died away in less time than it took to play last night's game -- it was something like 8:30, and they were still in the 3rd inning.

Can I complain for a minute here about the length of time it takes to play American sports? Horrible. Sure, TV is to blame as advertising breaks get longer and longer, but the siren call of funny beer ads aren't totally responsible. Baseball and football are the primary offenders, but hockey and basketball have also dragged out their entertainment value. Give me a good 2:20 3-2 pitchers' duel -- or an uninterrupted football match -- every time. Of course, this is a person for whom the entertainment value of playing a round of golf fades rapidly after 9 holes. (To those of you who are suggesting that I might enjoy it more if I had any talent, I'm not listening to you.)

In any case, looking at what might become a 4:30 game (it ended up being 3:50 or so), I decided not to bother.

And I didn't really miss anything, did I? Javier Vazquez complained about the quality of the baseballs, but unless they were sneaking them in for Noah Lowry, it seems like an empty complaint. Our old bugaboo, hitting with runners in scoring position, returned as the Diamondbacks managed to spin gold into straw by converting 10 hits and 7 walks into just 3 runs. And Lance Cormier seems determined to get his HR/9 rate back to normal rates and make my "Lance Cormier for NL Rookie of the Year" push sound foolish, giving up 2 more homeruns.

And on top of that, was the whole Darth Vader-eyeblack imbroglio just a big misunderstanding? Sigh. Even when the Diamondbacks are interesting for the wrong reasons, those reasons are wrong.

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