Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Thank Goodness They're Not The Royals 

Jim put it best -- Complete game + four homers - bullpen = Diamondbacks victory. On Tuesday night, the Diamondbacks tinkered with the formula a bit:

Nearly complete game + four homers + NL Rookie of the Year = Diamondbacks victory.

Works for me.

The Diamondbacks' 10-4 victory over the White Sox Tuesday night was one of those games I felt, early on, would either be a blowout win for the D-Backs or a close-fought loss. The first inning, Orlando Hernandez had no problem with the D-Backs. The second inning, he had the bases loaded before wriggling out of the jam, and I thought, was that the one chance we had to get to him, or is it a harbinger of happy bats?

Woo! Harbinger! Win! Series win! Two games back of the Padres.

And Javier Vazquez through 10 strikeouts while walking just one. Three runs in eight innings? I'll take that every time, thank you.

I do wonder why Melvin brought in Cormier (as opposed to somebody else) to pitch the ninth. Was it a trial run as closer? (Cormier did OK, but did give up his first home run in more than 36 innings of work this year.) Was it because he didn't trust anybody else in the bullpen? (And, really, if that's the case with a six-run lead, we're in bigger trouble than we think.)

In any case, with a day off tomorrow, Melvin has pretty much the entire bullpen at his disposal tonight. With Russ Ortiz going against Jon Garland, who's had a great season thus far for the White Sox, the advantage definitely goes to the White Sox, but if the offensive hot streak continues, the Diamondbacks even have a shot in this one.


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