Friday, June 03, 2005

Stupid Luck 

OK, naysayers. The Diamondbacks outscored the Mets in their series, 9-8, but lost 2 of 3. You happy? They're on the bad side of luck!

Clearly last night's 6-1 loss had its fair amount of luck involved, all of it good for the Mets, all of it bad for the Diamondbacks.

Mets -- Good: Mike Cameron gets turned around by a rocket off the bat of Jose Cruz, Jr. in the top of the sixth. Falls down. Blindly sticks up his hand over his shoulder. Catches the freakin' ball. A one-in-a-thousand shot? One-in-ten-thousand? That should have been a triple and could've led to a run or more in what was at the time a very close 3-1 game.

Diamondbacks -- Bad: Craig Counsell, beset with what we all hope is only a 24-hour case of Knoblauchian Yips, has three throwing errors, thereby doubling his error count for the season. His third error, in the sixth inning, broke the game open as 3 more runs scored after he threw the ball away.

I guess I can't get too worked up about losing to Pedro Martinez. But now, heading into Philadelphia for a 4-game set, I really feel like the Diamondbacks need to split this series. With Vazquez, Halsey, and Webb pitching, winning two of the four games seems imperative.

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