Thursday, June 09, 2005

Silver Lining 

I have Johan Santana on my fantasy team.

Although I've decided to bench Torii Hunter during the Diamondbacks-Twins series (did that make his heroics on Tuesday night more or less painful for me? Hmmmmm....), I chose to let Santana make the start for my team when he took the mound for the Twins Wednesday night.

Bad for the Diamondbacks, good for my fantasy league standings. Complete-game, 4-hit, 9-strikeout, no walk performance. 10-0 Twins over the Diamondbacks.

For the Diamondbacks, it was ugly with a capital U.

I don't really know what else to say here. It was a dominating performance by Mr. Santana. Why dwell on it?

The other, better Diamondbacks pitcher whose last name starts with "Va" goes against Kyle Lohse tonight. The Diamondbacks need to win this one.


In Rotation - June 9, '05

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Dixie Chicks - Fly
Kaiser Chiefs - Employment
Borodin's String Quartets #1 and 2
Bebel Gilberto - Tanto Tempo
Lemonheads - It's A Shame About Ray
Matthew Sweet - 100% Fun

NO more Koplove.... Now what will I complain about..... Bruney scares me...
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