Thursday, June 23, 2005

En Feugo 

There are the stories of grasslands, unfortunately, "on fire." (And destroying homes.)

Then there are the metaphorical stories of teams or players "on fire." The good news for the local readers (well, those of 'em who aren't UA alumni -- sorry, Ryan) is that the Sun Devil baseball team is "on fire." Five straight games in which a loss would end the season -- five straight wins.

The bad news for the local readers is that Jason Schmidt was also "on fire" Wednesday night, striking out 10 in eight innings of work en route to a 4-0 Giants win over the Diamondbacks. Brad Halsey pitched well, especially early on (it took him just 24 pitches to get through the first three innings, and that included giving up a run), but it was no match for Schmidt. And even when Schmidt made mistakes (e.g., walking noted Schmidt nemesis Shawn Green in the fourth inning), he got lucky or the D-Backs got stupid (Glaus swings and misses on a 2-strike hit-and-run or plain stolen base attempt by Green, and Green gets thrown out).

And Troy Glaus. I decided to make an exhaustive (read: five-minute) Internet survey to determine the derivation of the phrase "golden sombrero," which Troy Glaus earned with his 4 at-bat / 4-strikeout performance last night. This page (check about 1/4 of the way down) suggests two possible derivations -- an "enhancement" of the phrase "hat trick," used in hockey and cricket, or a 1989 coinage from Don Baylor (who struck out 1,069 times in his career).

In any case, let's all cut down on the strikeouts tonight and win to get back to .500.



In Rotation - June 23, '05
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