Friday, May 27, 2005

Well, There Goes Our Pythagorean Record... 

When your team loses 10-0 at home to let their opponent retake the division lead, your options are pretty much:
a) rant endlessly, or
b) look forward to Memorial Day weekend.

For the most part, I'm gonna do b) here. I only listened to about 1 inning of the Padres' 10-0 rout of the Diamondbacks Thursday night -- bottom of the 6th, top of the 7th -- and it was very microcosmic of the game itself. Kinda like watching that "Extra Innings" deal or whatever it's called where you can watch a game in 20 minutes.

Bottom of the 6th: The bottom of the order looked completely out of sorts. Of course, seeing as Jake Peavy threw a complete-game, 94-pitch 2-hitter, the top and middle of the order looked completely out of sorts. It took Peavy, what, 7 pitches to retire the side in order?

Top of the 7th: It was still 3-0, and even at 4-0, I'd've been OK listening to the rest of the game to see if by some miracle the offense would wake up. But when Klesko hit a massive shot to right field on Webb's 116th pitch to make it 6-0, I turned the radio off and moved on to other things.

The tiniest of rants: Why, in a game in which Jake Peavy has faced the minimum number of batters through 6 innings, would you bring in a LOOGY (Lopez) and use him that way? Down 6-0 to Peavy, there was no reason not to bring in Ligtenburg or Koplove at that point knowing that they'd pitch the next inning, too. There was no reason to use three men from the pen.

OK, that's it. The Dodgers come to town while the Padres go to San Francisco. There's no reason why the Diamondbacks can't retake the divisional lead heading into Memorial Day. (But there's no great reassurance that they will, either, unless they can get some pitching from their rotation that actually goes into the 8th inning...)

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