Friday, May 20, 2005

Revenge on the Sith 

[Ed. note: Stefan caught an early-evening showing of Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Thursday night and was unable to watch the Diamondbacks-Astros game. Special Guest Correspondent Yoda fills in.]

Greetings. I come from a galaxy far, far away. Even with that distance, the game of baseball I really like. It... amuses me.

The Diamondbacks a much better team this year, they are. This they showed last night against the Astros of Houston. Beat them, they did, by the score of 6 runs to one.

Roger Clemens. I sense both good and bad in him. Very powerful is the man. The Force is strong within him. But there are some who say the Dark Side also dwells within him. Which is more powerful within him, I know not.

But neither the Force nor the Dark Side dwelled within Clemens last night. Struggled with command, he did. Just three batters did he strike out, and walked two.

Bragging I do not often do, but the five errors for the Astros was the result of some Jedi mind tricks from yours truly. "I will throw this ball down the line..." Hee-hee.

The Force, however, in young Halsey appeared strong. Just 79 pitches in seven innings he threw. He may yet grow up to be a strong Jedi pitching master.

It even seemed to me that the Force's influence extended somewhat to the offense and defense. Two scoreless innings the bullpen threw. Nine hits and three runs the offense scored. There is hope yet for the Diamondbacks Alliance.

Now to a distant planet I must travel. Remember, search your feelings. When you do, know that you cheer for the Diamondbacks, you will.

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