Wednesday, May 25, 2005

[Homer]Mmmm... Innings... [/Homer] 

Wasn't Russ Ortiz supposed to be an innings-eater?

Pitcher, IP/Start, ERA

Brandon Webb, 6.9, 3.32
Javier Vazquez, 6.7, 3.49
Brad Halsey, 6.2, 3.47
Shawn Estes, 6.2, 3.56
Russ Ortiz, 5.5, 5.20

Those numbers shouldn't surprise anybody who's been half-awake through the first quarter of the season. Those innings from Ortiz haven't tasted good thus far.

And at this rate, he'll be lucky to give us 180 innings.

Which isn't to say Ortiz isn't working hard -- his 964 pitches ties Vazquez for the team lead. Of course, the problem is that Vazquez has made his 964 pitches go 21% further than Ortiz...

Now, I shouldn't complain too loudly -- the starting rotation has been lucky in that there haven't been any (announced) injuries thus far. And I'm not convinced that anybody currently sitting in the Diamondbacks' bullpen or in Tucson could pitch better than Ortiz this year. And, maybe this is still a small sample-size problem, though that possibility recedes weekly.

But we don't know which bullpen will show up from night to night. Last night it was Dr. Jekyll as 4 Diamondbacks' relievers gave up 5 runs in the Padres' 9-5 victory over the Diamondbacks.

Ortiz, whose K:BB ratio is eleven times worse than Javier Vazquez's, was lucky that the Padres didn't run him completely out of town. And with the bullpen's inconsistency, Ortiz's consistency thus far in not throwing strikes is increasingly problematic.

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