Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hello? Mr. Random Fandom Guy, Is Anybody There? 

Hey, it was Memorial Day weekend, my first three-day weekend in, what, a couple months? And you're wondering why I haven't posted?

C'mon, dude, it's Memorial Day, a day to honor sacrifices made by others to defend a country and people like me who feel compelled to post occasionally lucid thoughts on the local baseball squad. For free, for both you, the reader, and me, the writer. The least I can do is honor them with moments of silence and a day's worth of slacking off with my family.

So that's what I did.

Not that the weekend series was particularly inspiring in any way. 7-4 Dodgers win Friday night -- Estes pitches an OK game, but Jose Valverde collapses, proving that there is now absolutely nobody on the relief staff with any sort of positive consistency. 5-4 Diamondbacks win Saturday night with a merely mortal performance from Javier Vazquez and the game-ending bases loaded walk drawn by... Kelly Stinnett. 6-3 Dodgers win Sunday afternoon, the result of yet another poor performance by Russ Ortiz, whose pitching prowess seems to be inversely tied to Vazquez's -- as Javier has pitched better, Ortiz has pitched worse.

Oh, and the Diamondbacks signed some guy named Stephen Drew. Supposedly he's pretty good. High-A. Heh.

(Seriously, not that I'm going to be sympathetic to Scott Boras, but it does seem like the Angels and D-Backs have mapped out the way for all future big league clubs to negotiate with him -- offer his clients an eminently fair take-it-or-leave-it offer and wait for them to eventually take it.)

So there you have it, the weekend as dimly gathered by yours truly. I'll have some more thoughts later today in Three Weeks.

Until then, your random Diamondbacks fact for the day is the following:

Luis Gonzalez needs two more home runs to reach 300 for his career and two more strikeouts to reach 1,000.

(Yes, this will be the last random Diamondbacks fact I'll be posting for a while.)

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