Friday, May 13, 2005

Another 3-2 Wi... Oh, Wait... 

I would like to thank the Arizona Diamondbacks for beating Colorado 6-3 on Thursday night.

Because if they'd won 3-2 again, I was going to be pretty lost.

I'm watching the game in the 8th inning and start of the 9th with the D-Backs leading 3-2, wondering exactly how I would be able to write about the game without re-emphasizing points that, frankly, were already pretty tired the first couple times I made them. Good starting pitching (Russ Ortiz, a little wild perhaps, but definitely decent), check. Good defense (Royce Clayton with a killer stab of a Todd Greene bases-loaded grounder to turn the double play), check. Good relief work (Cormier and later, Lyon), check. Lack of offense, uh, check.

Until the 9th inning, when Jose Cruz Jr. hit his second home run of the night, and Tony Clark hit a massive two-run shot with two outs to break the game open. Clark now has an OPS of 1.023 in an admittedly small sample size of 52 plate appearances. The Yankees must be wondering where the heck that Clark was last year.

(And, if you watched the broadcast, you know that because they were playing "Karma Chameleon" when Clark hit his shot -- don't ask -- we'll probably have to listen to that on TV broadcasts whenever the Diamondbacks need a homerun. It's OK once or twice, but I hope it doesn't get overplayed to the point where I want 10,000 rally monkeys clapping ThunderStix in my ears instead...)

It was a bit disappointing to see Brandon Lyon enter the game in the bottom of the 9th, but I guess he'd been warming up in the pen in the top of the 9th and by the time Clark hit his homerun, there was little point in sitting Lyon down and wasting his warmup pitches. So it's too bad Melvin had to use him in a game that wasn't close, and Lyon's definitely out for tonight's game, but dem's de breaks.

Another potentially tough game tonight as we face Jeff Francis, who pitched well against us last series. With Brad Halsey on the mound tonight, it should be a nice game.

Waiver Wire later today...

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