Friday, April 08, 2005

The Waiver Wire: More Stuff 

So much stuff, I couldn't fit it into the first Waiver Wire!


I've forgotten to mention that Baby Backs: The Next Generation is definitely back, with a whole bunch of news about the farm system that is more than just adequate -- it's almost pretty darn good! Do check it out.


I have no idea whether Fever Pitch is a good movie. It is, without a doubt, however, a stellar book. It's the best thing I've ever read on what it means to be a fan. That the object of the Nick Hornby's obsession is a football squad (Arsenal, one that I've always associated more with the Yankees, for whatever reason, than the Red Sox as used in the movies) should not drive away baseball fans, or even people who don't like sports at all. It's alternately funny and sad, and fascinating throughout.


Thanks to Lookout Landing for this link to Forbes' valuation of baseball teams. Arizona ranks 19th out of the 30 teams in its valuation (which I'm not going to try to describe here, not least of which because I don't understand it fully -- but, hey, I can link to it!)

Here's the hook for this weekend's series, then -- Arizona ranks #1 in the debt to value ratio (103%, eeesh), while Los Angeles ranks #2 (99%). Bono, we need your Drop the Debt campaign here, stat!

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