Friday, April 08, 2005

The Waiver Wire: Introduction 

So Rob has what I've always thought was a cool name for those occasional posts consisting of comparatively scattered notes -- Pickoff Moves. Despite the fact that the title I've been using -- Random Notes -- has not only an association with the name of this fine blog but also is, well, accurate in its description, I've long sought a different name.

Until now.

Allow me to introduce to you The Waiver Wire. ("Hi, my name is The Waiver Wire. I'll be your occasional collection of comparatively scattered notes. Can I start you off with something to drink?") It's for things that amuse me, things you might've missed, things you never knew you missed, and for whatever else I don't want to write much about.

So let's begin.


Curse you, Jim. As you pointed out, Ryan's already got the market cornered on series previews. And now you've decided to take over series reviews. Where does that leave me? Huh? What about me? What about my needs? I think the only route left to me is the series "midview," in which I both preview and review a series at the same time. Allow me to consult with Albert Einstein first before attempting that.


OK, so it's Estes v. Dessens tonight. As reader DBackTom commented yesterday, "I think I'll take the OVER." Yes, it could be a long night tonight at the BOB. Dodger fans seem optimistic about their chances tonight, but I'll align myself with comments #44 and 280 -- if Elmer gets out of the 5th inning tonight for the Dodgers, I will be surprised. It's just a question of whether Estes and the bullpen can hold the Dodgers to 5 runs.


Dear Reader: So, Stefan, where can I find snarky commentary by hipsters on music, say, on somebody's mom talking about how the Shins have sold out?

Stefan: Never fear, dear reader, I have just the place for you.

Dear Reader: Gosh, that's slightly amusing. Do they have a baseball board, too?

Stefan: Sure. Here you go. But why go there when you can go to the original?


Have a good weekend, everyone. I will try to be better this season about posting some notes during the weekend, so stop by.

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