Friday, April 15, 2005

The Waiver Wire: Even Better Than The Real Thing Edition 

The Waiver Wire is back for a second week of random comments and links. Makes me all tingly just thinking about it...

Baseball Prospectus had an interview (subscription only) earlier this week with Mets 3B coach Manny Acta. Acta, as you may remember, was the third finalist for the D-Backs' managerial position. When asked what kind of questions he was asked, Acta said:

"There weren’t many questions about tactics and strategy because I think they know that somebody involved all these years in baseball, and at certain levels, must have some idea of what to do in certain circumstances. They ask those questions, but I think they're basically interested in what kind of communication you're going to have with the players."

This is a good thing, as I agree that personnel management is a critical, critical component is sports coaching success, but it would've at least been interesting to hear what few strategy questions the D-Backs management did ask.

And, yes, I've actually shelled out the $39.95 for a year-long subscription. I can't believe it myself. I expect to be entertained, occasionally angered, and, in the end, still finish 7th in my 12-team fantasy league.


Turning then to the business of sports blogs, Wired had an article on the growing SportsBlogs family (of which Jim is a proud part).


From that, moving to another, slightly larger Internet concern, I thought this was a great use of Google. Dickie V does not have good peripherals.


Finally, a few thoughts on the D-Backs I haven't mentioned yet this week:
-- I like Michael Gosling, but he's not a relief pitcher. 3 1/3 IP, 7 hits, 3 walks, 2 Ks, and an ERA of 16.20. He'd be much better served heading back to Tucson and being called up as a fifth starter if and when one of the other starters get injured. Perhaps when Aquino or Villarreal come back...
-- So Javier Lopez is now a Sidewinder. As Lopez was the third Rockie whom Robert Sarver ejected from a recent Suns game, one wonders whether he'll be quite as vocal in support of the Nuggets…
-- Was the Gonzo Shift quite so pronounced last year? I don't remember shortstops lining to the 1st base side of 2nd base last year, but maybe I just wasn't paying any attention…


Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed a theme with my entry titles this week. I've got General Admission tickets for tonight's U2 show, so here's hoping I get a decent spot on the floor and remember my earplugs. Have a good weekend, y'all.

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