Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Two games above .500? I'm getting dizzy from the heights…

For the first six innings, it was almost as if the Diamondbacks offense was trying to make amends to Rockies pitcher Shawn Chacon for getting tossed from a Suns game a couple weeks ago by Suns owner Robert Sarver. 6 hits, just one run. There's such a thing as being too hospitable. (Though Troy Glaus' anger at striking out to end the bottom of the sixth -- slamming his batting helmet down on the ground -- is probably more indicative of the D-Backs' feelings.)

Poor Brandon Webb, giving up just 2 runs in seven innings, barely escaping when Chacon hit a dribbler down the third base line with the bases loaded and two outs in the top of the seventh. You just thought, poor guy, destined to lose another close one.

And then Chacon got pulled in the bottom of the seventh. And then Webb, who'd only thrown, what 80-odd pitches, came back and threw a huge eighth inning, sparing the middle relief from coming in.

And then you were reminded what real baseball is like. The other team makes an error. Your team successfully executes a bunt. Your team successfully drives home the tying run with a massive pinch-hit double by Tony Clark over CF Preston Wilson's head. Your team pinch-runs for Clark and your shortstop, who's had a miserable offensive start to the season, gets his third hit of the night, a single, and drives home the winning run. Props to Royce, who had a great game.

And Gonzo tops it off by driving another huge double past Preston Wilson. Wilson, move back this afternoon, OK? Just some friendly advice.

A solid ninth inning -- 7 pitches -- by Brandon Lyon in relief, and the D-Backs win, 4-2.

This is what we should be doing to the Rockies, but I'm still happy.

Dbacks and win streak? Wow....say it isn't so!!!! I know it's the lowly Rockies, but we have two winners in town! (not counting the Chandler Little League team).....

Mr. B
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