Monday, April 18, 2005

Three Weeks (Three Up, Three Down Edition) 

Without further ado:

The Week That Was

Record: 3-3
Runs Scored/Runs Against: 3.25 - 4.00 (again: high and low scores dropped on both sides)
Transactions: Villarreal on the 15-day DL (4/11), Lance Cormier called from Tucson; Cruz on the DL (retro to 4/10), Scott Hairston called from Tucson; Claimed Javier Lopez off waivers (4/15); DFA Adam Peterson. Signed Darren Oliver to minor-league contract (4/10)

I'm gonna give it another week or so before I actually use some statistics. But the good news is that our starting pitching has started to gel -- Vazquez hasn't had a good outing yet, but they're no longer bad, either. The bad news is that our bullpen was a little schizo during the week. And the ugly news is that the offense had a bad week. Really, those two series were awful offensively. (And there isn't much news at all about the defense, which is probably good news.)

I was hoping we'd be above .500 when the week ended, so I'm a little disappointed (especially after the sweep of the Rockies), but we are, after all, still .500.

The Weeks That Will Be

4 on the road (2 vs. Colorado, 2 vs. San Francisco)
3 at home vs.San Diego
6 on the road (3 vs. Dodgers, 3 vs. San Diego)

Wins are important at any point in the season, but it does seem like it's especially true for the D-Backs this year. To dispel thoughts of last year's disaster from their own minds and from the minds of Phoenix fans, who will shortly become obsessed with the Suns. And the thing is, now is the time. We need to beat Colorado, any time, any place. We need to beat San Francisco now, before Alou and Bonds come back. We need to beat San Diego when they're a little beat up. By the time the D-Backs go on the road next week, we should get a better sense of what this team actually is.

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