Saturday, April 09, 2005

Thatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory 

Thoughts Upon the D-Backs' 8-7 Loss to the Dodgers While De-Thatching My Lawn

-- [expletive deleted]

-- Glad I didn't pick up Brandon Lyon in the roto league.

-- Defensive miscues... collapsing bullpen... that is soooo 2004, guys.

-- Jose Valentin. Jose Valentin? Must not've been tested for steroids yet.

-- Why is this machine called a thatcher? Shouldn't it be called a de-thatcher? It's not like I want to add thatch to my lawn. I've got enough as it is, thankyouverymuch.

-- Still. 7 runs. That's good.

-- Glad I kept Troy Glaus in the roto league.

-- Oh, and we drew more walks than strikeouts.

-- Has Elmer Dessens completed 6 innings of work in the past 24 months? (Of course, I say that partially out of jealousy as Elmer pitched fairly well -- that was better, I believe, than any outing he had for the D-Backs last year.

-- This thatcher is generating a loooot of dust. I'm gonna be sneezing all day...

I won my over pick but that was painful to sit through but will be back at BOB for more fun tonight. Elmer NEVER pitched that good for us. Tom
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