Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Five. You're Kidding, Right? 

Laws year, the Mariner Optimist went on strike, refusing to post until the Mariners won five games in a row. Three months later, the Optimist returned as the Mariners finally won five in a row.

So, Levski, Robert, all those who have started and abandoned or nearly abandoned D-Backs blogs over the past year or so, if you left because you were on your own blogging strike, it is time to return to the fold.

For the first time in about 22 months, the Diamondbacks have won five games in a row. It wasn't the prettiest game, but a 3-2 win D-Backs win over the Dodgers last night is good enough for me. Some notes from the game:

-- OK, one game of booing Shawn Green, I'll let it pass. But a second game? You could hear the boos after Green made a diving catch of a Jason Phillips flare that saved a game-tying run in the sixth inning. Jon, Rob, do you have any idea why? This is a guy who had some great seasons there to go with a couple slightly disappointing ones and was always a community favorite in LA. This was a guy who didn't want to be traded. I'm just completely mystified.
-- The bloodless coups of Koyie Hill and Randy Choate continue -- Snyder's got an OPS of .705 in 43 ABs while Hill's got an OPS of .564 in 26 ABs. Javier Lopez got his second LOOGY outing in a row. Snyder's outplaying Hill on the defensive end, too -- he picked an Ortiz pitch out of the dirt to catch Izturis stealing, which saved a run.
-- The two biggest concerns with the team for me at the moment? Centerfield (Terrero's 2-run dinger last night notwithstanding) and closer #2 (we don't have anybody except Lyon who would look comfortable taking the ball in the 9th -- Lyon needs someone who can give him a break). Bad news on the former (Cruz is another week away at least) but better news on the latter (Aquino's now playing catch at 75 feet) -- see here.
-- Finally, my biggest shock of the night was hearing somebody say that Matt Kata was 3-for-13 (OK, no shock there) but with 4 walks. And then he promptly drew another walk. Matt Kata, the same man who drew just 13 walks in 177 plate appearances in 2004? With now 5 walks in 20 plate appearances in 2005, most of them in pinch-hitting opportunities where you'd almost forgive a more hacktastic approach? I'm still in shock.

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