Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Diddle Relief 

All I ask is that the bullpen make up its mind as to whether it is good or bad. This, I believe, is not an unreasonable request on my part. But if you look at Randy Choate's line thus far this year, you'll see that he has 2 miserable outings (combining for 2/3rds of an inning, 5 hits, a walk -- yes, a WHIP of 9.0 -- and an untimely error in yesterday's 8-1 drubbing by the Rockies) to go with 3 1/3 IP in which he's given up 2 hits and 2 walks (a WHIP of 1.2). Will the real Randy Choate please stand up? Is he our LOOGY or our LNOGY?

Same with Mike Koplove -- again, 2 miserable outings (combined 1 IP, 5 hits, 4 walks -- again, a WHIP of 9.0) and 7 mostly OK outings with 7 2/3 IP, 6 hits and no walks.

The collapses these past few days have been dispiriting, especially since they've occurred to the two guys in our bullpen making more than the league minimum. But it'll take a little while longer before we see if this is still just the exception or if it's become an unfortunate rule.

Oh, and Shawn Estes is a lucky, lucky man. A WHIP of 1.2 is good -- a WIP of 1.2, or 6 walks in 5 innings, is bad.

And as for the offense… I just keep repeating to myself, small sample size… random fluctuation in success… it'll get better… now, where are my worry beads?

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