Thursday, April 07, 2005


NL West Standings After April 6, 2005

Team Record
Arizona 2-1
Colorado 1-1
Los Angeles 1-1
San Diego 1-1
San Francisco 1-1

Brigadoon? Once in a hundred years? Let's hope not.

OK, I know it's early. And what can you say about a season in which the only remaining undefeated teams are... wait for it... Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and the Chicago White Sox? But it's as if Arizona said, "Wonder Twins power of... a baseball team!," and their wish was granted.

There are still things to worry about -- 107 pitches for 5 1/3 innings of work is not what I'd like to see from Brandon Webb. Using five pitchers to hold the Cubs to 3 runs? Also not good. But Counsell continues to get on base (drawing 2 walks), the 3-5 spots (especially Gonzo) are hitting well, and defensive miscues, thus far, have been held to a minimum.

The early season success means very little, of course. But to those Cubs fans worried that they've lost to an awful club, I'd remind them that the present 25-man roster has players that had only 39% of last year's at-bats, and less than 33% of last year's innings pitched. The D-Backs could very well end up worse than the 75 wins many observers have 'em pegged for. But we won't get a good sense of that for a few more weeks.

And, scarily enough, with Dessens, Erickson, and Lowe pitching for the Dodgers this weekend, the D-Backs could easily win their second series in a row.

With Estes and Elmer going on Friday I am betting on OVER.
Would that be on runs scored or game time?

Oh, that'd probably be the over on both.
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