Monday, April 04, 2005

Be. Here. Now. 

One of the things I find so appealing about sports, and baseball in particular, is its seasonality. The cyclical nature of competition, both within a season as well as across seasons, gives some structure to sport that is sometimes missing from our lives, which are lived in a more linear fashion.

That linear approach means we also spend a lot of time dwelling on our past and thinking about the future. Too often I'm thinking about what might have been or what could be and ignoring what actually is.

Opening Day, however, is a time of hope, more so than any other sporting day. Last season doesn't matter. Next season doesn't matter, not yet anyway. What matters is the two teams on the field this afternoon, playing a sport with myriad possibility. As soon as Javier Vazquez throws his first pitch, 2004 is over and we can be fully present in this new season.

There will be time enough to look at the statistics for trends and insight. There will be time enough to look at the future of this team and the steps necessary for long-term success. But for now, it is enough to enjoy this game and the small measure of joy that it brings.

Play Ball!

Thanks, Stefan. Great description of Opening Day and excellent contrasts with life.

And I am walking out the door as soon as I push the "publish" button - to "Be. Here. Now."


PS - Nice pick up of Drese, Stefan. I was eyeing him myself. . . although I am shocked that he is the Rangers Opening Day starter. I gather their starting pitching is pretty thin.
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