Monday, April 25, 2005

Again? Really? 

I have to exercise my "being-happy-about-a-sweep" muscle more because I'm getting a cramp here from overuse after a long period of inactivity. Second sweep in a row at home for the Diamondbacks, thanks to a 8-6 victory over the Padres Sunday afternoon, and I'm still trying to remember how I should respond. Grateful? Cocky? Nonchalant?

And unlike the sweep against the Rockies, this sweep may actually make people in, say, the Central Time Zone take notice. We can beat you in a tight game against a top-notch ace (Saturday against Jake Peavy) we can beat you in a high-scoring game in which our bullpen (OK, Brian Bruney) has a shaky outing. And by "you," I mean the Padres, an honest-to-goodness major league baseball team.

It seemed at the start of the season that Brian Bruney had conquered his control problems from last year, but the past couple outings, they've resurfaced again. Another two walks in just 2/3 IP, to go along with 2 hits (including a home run). Amazing how fast it happened, too -- I was doing some work in the office in the 8th inning, saw that Bruney had two outs, and when I came back 5 minutes later, the score had jumped from 8-3 to 8-6. But Bob Melvin again showed a willingness to bring Brandon Lyon in at critical game junctures, and managed to get out of the inning and the game.

It was nice to see the offense have a good game for once, with everybody but Shawn Estes getting a hit. Defensively they're still doing well, too, though it does seem to me that Glaus has not had a good season thus far at third -- he didn't send the ball quickly or accurately enough to second to turn a potential inning-ending double play in the 7th inning. (The next batter hit a home run to make it 8-3.)

Still, these are but minor quibbles in a nice win. And as for those sweep "cramps," the only way to prevent those is by continued exercising... More sweeps, please.

Three Weeks to come later today.

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