Saturday, March 26, 2005

Weekend Non-Update 

I'm enjoying my three-day weekend, or trying to, at least, given what can only be explained as the onset of full-blown allergies. Kleenxes are strewn throughout my house like Homer Hankies at the Metrodome every five years or so.

In any case, when the biggest thing in the past 48 hours is a bee attack at Thursday's game against the Rockies down in Tucson, I guess it's still a slow weekend. (Gosh. Game called after 5 innings so the bullpen didn't have to pitch. Where were those bees last year?)

This morning's Republic gives us no further clues about the final roster decisions. Yesterday's paper suggested Bob Melvin might only take 10 pitchers heading into the season, so I guess it comes down to whether the organization would rather have Hairston or Bruney down in Tucson.

And speaking of Tucson, the Republic also reported that the Sidewinders are hosting a charity gold tournament Monday, April 4. Cost is $125 a person, which includes "lunch, dinner, drinks, and 18 rounds of golf."

If you lose, do you have to golf another 18 rounds?

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